Abiy Ahmed PM of Ethiopia by the UNIDO GC

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed is today-27 Nov- in Vienna
participating in UNIDO 20th GC,as an honour Guest.
In his speech the PM made a description about the scope and extent of Ethiopia;s
multi –sector growth focus reforms.
He called for sustainable industrialization,and diversifying economy which results
prosperity,and reduce inequality,and contribute to a better future for his people
and the world.
The journey of Ethiopia in the last five years of making policy shifts,investing in
multi –sector growth sources,focus on green growth and clean energy,as well as
emphasis being made in social development.
The UNIDO-Director since last December(Year ago),is the German Gerd Mueller,
former Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development in Germany.He was
minister in cabinet of Angela Merkel.
The current President of the general Conference is the Tunisian Ambassador Mr.
Mohamed Mezghani.

Jakob Staubmann – New UNCAV Member