HORNA at the Exhibition of the Holocaust in VIC

HORNA/UNCAV/Febr2022,Direction of HORNA-Hamdan Abdulkadir and President of UNCAV-Sharief Abdalla,were present in the Vienner International Centre-VIC,during the activities taking place on the occation of the International Day of Commemoration in the Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust.

Both,Hamdan and Sharief visited the exhibition(After the End of the World),Displaced Persons and Displaced Persons Camp.

The exhibition was focusing on the immediate period following the war and and the Jewish Displaced Persons,survicors of the Holocaust.The fragments from the past illuminate the work of the administrators of the UN-Relief and Rehabilitation(UNRRA), and the chart how, in the aftermath of catastrophic loss,Holocaust survivors navigated their new lives in displaced persons camps.





The documents of the exhibition are from the UN-Archives and the YIVO Institute Of Jewish Research Archives.

The activites included the film ONU Budapest Event,organized by UNIS-Vienna and the International Diplomatic Student Association in collaboration with the Holocaust Memorial Centre in Budapest.